We have a wide variety of traditional brand name vending products.

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A&R Services recognizes that every place of business is different. For that reason we offer free consultations with an experienced vending specialist that will meet with you to determine your needs.

We will evaluate each account based on demographics, type of work environment, working hours, and number of employees in order to present the best vending options that will suit your company.

Our vending programs offer:

• Free use of vending equipment

• Scheduled route deliveries determined by your assigned route driver

• Frequency of service maintained by route driver based on your consumption levels to ensure machines are stocked and in good working order

• 24 hour repair service - our technicians are on call 24/7 and all repairs are conducted at no charge to your company

Following is a summary of the different types of programs and vending machines we have available:

• Free Vending - Some companies like to offer their employees free beverages and snacks. We can provide beverage machines and keep them stocked, billing the company for all products delivered. We can also provide a partial free program where some beverages are free, while others are available through traditional vending machines.

• Subsidized Vending - This option is extremely popular. We will place traditional vending machines and all (or some) of the products can be subsidized by the company. A good example is offering sodas at $0.25 per can. Capitol City Vending will then bill the company for the difference.

• Traditional Vending - We (in most cases) will provide vending machines free of charge and employees can purchase products at prices similar to convenience stores. The machines will accept both dollars and coins and will give change.

Colors can match the decor of your office setting.

Vending Machines

Many of our machines use Golden Eye technology. This feature is an infrared sensor that detects if the product has dropped into the delivery bin. If the product fails to vend on the first try, the spiral will automatically make additional attempts in an attempt to vend the selection. If, however, the selection still fails to vend after three attempts, the customer can make a new selection or receive a refund.

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